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So excited you found entertainment website and have decided to join the chat. If you haven’t commented here before, please read the list below of simple commenting rules that all guests must follow. Please understand every website has it’s on rules and these are our rules so continue to read the list below to avoid moderation, deletion or blocked comments.  Most importantly remember this is a public blog and we want everyone to feel comfortable participating…


Rule #1:  Keep it Clean… (Wildcards permitted example: a$$)

Rule #2:  Use Hollywood Celeb, Artists, Reality Housewives, and/or Person real name… (No Nicknames)

Rule #3:  Absolutely no posting links from other sites instead EMAIL link directly to:  or

Rule #4:  All spam and non-registered guests comments are MODERATED… To avoid comment moderation, register with an Email Address and Name or use your Social Network Website

Rule #5:  Moderation will Delete duplicate posts and spam…

Rule #6:  Use keypad to type comments, no text speak…

Rule #7:  Respect every person privacy, please do not share another person’s contact information on this blog   

[hr] is an unbiased entertainment blog, expressing the opinions of the owner and guests bloggers. This is not a hate blog, but a blog to discuss popular shows, hot and trending topics, local events and most importantly, to create friendly articulate conversation over different topics about our favorite Celebs and TV shows. Basically, LETS CHAT ABOUT ITspeak your mind, throw some shade, spill a little tea and let our voices be heard.  Of course, a few commenters will bump heads however at the end of the day it will be assumed you agreed that you disagreed and moved on.  On this blog everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion.  Guests can choose to leave comments, click like bottom or share a particular articles of interest. will never share or give your personal information to any other organizations.  We look forward to reading your comments and chatting with you.   #LetsChatAboutIt!!!


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