Sceam Queens: Season-1, Episode-4 “Haunted House”

On tonight’s episode, Halloween night is approaching, Zayday makes a stunning announcement and Chanel concocts a devious plan. Pete and Grace visit a mysterious woman connected to Kappa’s past. Dean Munsch struggles to keep Wallace University open. Also, fans find out Gigi has more to do with what happened in 1995 at the Kappa house than we originally thought. So let’s recaps a few highlights of Episode-4.

The scene opens with Earl giving Zayday advice to help boost her Kappa president campaign by throwing a charity haunted house party at an abandoned shack at 52 Shady Lane. Chanel vows a vendetta against her and recruits Chanel #3 and Chanel #5 to help undermine Zayday. Plus, Security Officer Denise refuses to allow Zayday to throw the party because she’s adamant that she’s responsible for the murders. However, later decides to back off when Zayday reveals that she knows Denise is a former Kappa reject, and thus a possible suspect.

Prior to the party, Grace and Pete dressed as Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey goes to speak to the sole survivor of the bathtub incident of 1995, a Ms. Mandy Greenwell. She reveals that Dean Munsch forced them to cover up the Kappa pledge’s death. That the Dean enlisted her to bury the corpse and others to take the baby to an unknown location. Also, unlike what Pete and many thought the baby was actually a girl. Mandy also tells Grace that one month after the bathtub baby was born, the old hag living at 52 Shady Lane started stealing milk and diapers. Fans later discover the hag turned out to be Gigi. Sidebar: Apparently, Gigi’s the girl who refused to leave the bathtub girl’s side after giving birth and died. Anywhoo, Mandy tells them no one knows what happened to the baby. Grace and Pete return to the Halloween party but unaware the Red Devil’s on their trail. Sneaking into Mandy’s trailer, the Red Devil terrorize and fatally stabs Mandy.

Meanwhile, Chanel kicked off her annual Chanel-o-Ween and sent her biggest fans gifts. And fans find out cotton balls were the main food group for the Chanel’s ladies. Next, Zayday finally admits she was running for Kappa president. Chanel’s pissed, uttering “If I do murder, someone, it’s going to be you.” The wrong words to say because right in the midst of the mayhem that went down at the haunted house, Zayday’s kidnapped by one of the killers!

It’s party time, Hester finds Chad in the cemetery about to masturbate in front of a grave. She begins to seduce him and she’s turning him on like nobody’s business. But Hester stops, refusing to have sex with him in the cemetery because it wasn’t a scary enough. Next, she asks, “Are you man enough to attack my crack?” So they agree to meet up later at the Shady Lane house. The scene cuts to the pair heading to Shady Lane shack to have sex, but instead find the dead bodies of Ms. Bean (Kappa housekeeper), Chanel #2, Shondell (Campus security), Coney and Mandy Greenwell. Repulsed, they alert the entire campus to the terror, motivating everyone at the university to attend the party, where Zayday’s kidnapped by The Red Devil.

Tonight’s episode ends with a campus search party for Zayday. Despite her life is in danger, Security Officer Denise still believes she’s the killer and Chanel’s relieved the threat to her reign as Kappa president has disappeared. Nevertheless, Zayday manages to escape, returning to the sorority house to explain what happen and somewhat agree to share the president title with Chanel.

Tune in to watch the search for the Red Devil continue on Scream Queens, Tuesday nights on FOX network, at 9 pm.


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