Blood and Oil: Season-1, Episode-2 “The Ripple Effect”

On tonight’s episode, suspicions abound following the robbery. Wick scrambles to hide his involvement in the crime that nearly killed his father. Also, Hap’s daughter arrives, which sparks a rivalry with his wife. So let’s recap a few highlights of episode-2.

“The Ripple Effect” continues with the fight between Hap Briggs, Billy LeFever, and Wick. A spark ignites a puddle of oil where the three are fighting. Hap’s leg catch fire and Wick’s jacket ignite. Still wearing his mask Wick manages to escape in a tanker full of stolen oil as the field burns.

Early the next morning, Hap has suffered second-degree burns but insist on speaking with the Sheriff. Drives to meet him over at the oil field, Hap gives him an incident report and mentions he’s offering a $50,000 award for any leads to the suspects. In addition, he tells Sheriff Tips that the perpetrator should be easy to track down since only a dozen or so employees have the security codes. The sheriff finds the bullet that was fired the night of the explosion. Between this evidence, the knowledge that one of the thieves has a burned shoulder, and the hefty reward Hap’s offering to speed this process along.

Back in town, Cody has decided that a dingy motel with a parking lot full of drunk roughnecks in the middle of the afternoon is not an ideal place to raise her baby. Now that they have a million dollars kicking around in a bank account, she tells Billy that she wants Jules to find them a legitimate house. Billy isn’t paying attention because he’s been invited to the Oilman’s Club with Hap.

Later, Billy meets Hap at the invitation-only restaurant. Bobby’s a business investor is there with an offer for an oil processing system. After looking over the paperwork, Hap believes the processing fees are over-inflated. Billy suggests another deal for 500k as an incentive for flipping the table on the oil process offer. Tonight, Hap take over the processing company.

Meanwhile, Wick scrambles to do everything he can to hide his involvement, but his accomplice may prove to be too much of a wild card and expose Wick’s part in the crime that nearly killed his father. Hap’s daughter, Lacey arrives and the rivalry with Carla, Hap’s wife begins. Also, following lunch, Billy’s totally seduced by Hap’s world and jumps into another deal with him without consulting his wife, Cody. Leaving out to meet up with Cody, she shows him the house but Billy explains they can’t buy it because he’s investing in another deal with Hap. Cody tells him it’s too late because she’s given the deposit to Jules.

It’s dinner time at the Briggs ranch to celebrate the arrival of Lacey. Wick isn’t digging Billy, try’s to throw shade and Billy shuts his ass down. During dinner Cody tells Jules they can’t buy the house and Wick receives a call informing him someone is about to rat them out to the sheriff. Hap interrupts the call by touching Wick shoulder, noticing his reaction, and question what happen to his shoulder, but Wick explains he injured himself during their earlier fight. Returning to the dinner table, Hap brings up the new venture but Billy informs him of his decision to withdraw the offer.

Tonight’s episode ends with Sheriff Tips stopping by to inform Hap of a suspect (a known oil thief by the name of Spinks) and Hap questions Wick about his whereabouts on the night of the fire. The trio leaves out to drive over to the suspects shop only to find Spinks dead and the oil rig gone. In the meantime, Wick sneaks off to confront Garry about killing Spinks and Clifton goes to visit Billy. Clifton is extremely upset with Billy over flipping the land easement with Briggs, warning him he’s in the bed with the devil.

Check out the Episode-2 promo video clip:


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