Empire: Season-2, Episode-4 “Poor Yurick”

On tonight’s episode, the Lyons are still split into warring factions, but they all decide to shoot a music video that will capitalize on Hakeem and Jamal’s duet from Hakeem’s leaked album, a collaboration that will benefit both companies. So let’s recap a few highlights in tonight’s episode.

At the top of the episode, the FBI is raiding Empire Enterprises. Jamal’s inside to studio preparing for the Rolling Stone magazine gig. Across town, Anika goes to visit Cookie at Dynasty to ask for her job back but Hakeem is against rehiring her, he also warns his mom about trusting anyone. While the two bicker, Anika pulls out her phone showing them the live FBI raid footage happening at Empire. Cookie goes into management mode, instructing Hakeem to contact Valentina, also, offers Anika her position back if she can sign Royalty and inform then she’s going to talk with Titan. As they’re walking out, the FEDs are at the door ready to raid them.

Downtown, Prosecutor Ford is gathering up her team to raid Lucious at his private residence. Arriving at his home, Ford busts into his bedroom and his standing there butt azz naked. “Baby you can have all of me, look anywhere you want,” Lucious says as he extends his arms. Of course, Ford is in total shock.

The scene cuts Mimi and Jamal having a business meeting. She’s discussing her concerns about the FBI raids, also mentions holding off on a few endeavors until things die down. Jamal admits he doesn’t feel comfortable following through with the Rolling Stones event. In walks Lucious, informing Jamal that they are proceeding forward, in fact, he have plans to expand Empire. In addition, Lucious informs him that he plan to use the FBI raid to their advantage because it gives them street credit. Plus, the raids confirm the Feds are on a fishing expedition because they have nothing to hide and they must remain in plain sight.

Hello Rhea McDowell, thanks for chiming in, so what are your thoughts on Lucious decision to remain visible or do you agree with Mimi to lay below the radar?

“In my opinion, I agree with Lucious to remain visible and capitalize from the publicity.”

Following the raids, Dynasty and Empire have a meeting to discuss their current situation with Attorney Thirsty. He basically confirms prosecutor Ford is on a fishing expedition. After reassuring its okay to continue business as normal. Hakeem decides it’s time to lay all the cards on the table and proceeded to ask Lucious if he killed Bunkie. Needless to say, he denies having any involvement — Cookie and Andre remained silent. Next, the topic of airplay comes up, Lucious reminds Hakeem this is the music business. Cookie’s pissed, but Lucious reminds them despite their rivalry they must look like one big happy family. As he continues his speech, the cameras pan to Andre when he mentions locating Vernon. Lucious explains, Vernon is a major factor in his case.

The meeting adjourned, but Cookie and Lucious have a private chat. She asks him to allow Hakeem radio play, to stop stealing their artists and masters. “And exactly what will I get out the deal,” ask Lucious? Cookie answers, Hakeem will agree to the video shoot with Jamal. Great offer, however, Lucious agrees a video is a cool idea but says no deal with Apex radio. Plus, accused Anika of lying.

Anyway, Andre decides to visit Lucious to discuss returning to Empire. The scene flashback to Lucious and his mom having a home visit from CPS because the neighbors are complaining about her crazy fits. Suddenly, Andre realizes no one has asked how he’s (Lucious) is handling all the pressure and flips the table.

“Pop, what if I can make this all go away, how will that help,” asks Andre. “If you can make this go away for me, I will give you anything,” Lucious answer. Andre repeats his statement, then ask, does the offer include the CFO position at Empire? Lucious, antennas goes up but says yes, I’ll give you anything. Okay, Andre answers and walks away.

Moving over to the video shoot, Lucious and Hakeem bump heads. The music video is some post-apocalyptic black panther theme against police brutality. So far the shoot is going smoothly, after Jamal films his segment the crew takes a break. Cookie walks outside to call her assistant Porsha. While chatting on the phone, the cops roll up taking her downtown to police headquarters.

“Porsha, call my lawyer because the police continues to harass me,” yells Cookie, “If I die in police custody I did not commit suicide!”

Rhea, what are your opinions on the social and political issues in tonight’s episode?

“Well, I’m thinking it’s Lee Daniels attempt to bring awareness to a few challenges black Americans are currently facing within our communities or a fail attempt at a Law and Order re-run.

Meanwhile, Andre has decided to reveal to Rhonda that god has spoken to him about Vernon and leading him to pursue Empire. He furthers explains his plan to dig up Vernon’s body. The scene cuts to Cookie sitting inside the interrogation room. In walks prosecutor Ford, who threatens to use her son mental issues to bring down Lucious. Tonight, I feel Cookie should have flipped the table on this heffa instead of going soft. Ford leaves Cookie alone to simmer over her threats. As she wait the flashbacks of prison begin to instantly reply in her mind and she decides to talk. Cookie reveals she doesn’t know if Lucious or who killed Bunkie but what she does know, the two had a big disagreement over the Apex radio deal, words were exchanged and suddenly, Bunkie end up dead.

Rhea, do you agree with Cookie lying to block Lucious urban radio deal or was it really a lie?

“Regardless, if it’s a lie or not, Cookie power play will allow Hakeem some airplay.”

It’s nighttime, Bonnie and Clyde, Andre and Rhonda are deep in the woods digging up hole’s trying to locate Vernon’s body. Rhonda realizes all the trees have the same hole in the center. Andre begins to panic but at that moment a car pulls up with Thirsty and Lucious. Thirsty gets out with a CSI gadget that locates buried bodies while Lucious explains, following their last conversation at Leviticus he asked Thirsty to put a tracking device on his car. Next, Andre and Rhonda explained what happen and Lucious thank them for saving his life.

Tonight’s episode ends, with Prosecutor Ford on a phone call discussing the press release announcing the FCC has blocked the Empire and Apex Urban radio deal. As she enters her car, there’s Vernon body sitting in the passenger seat, like what up?

Okay Rhea, the last question on tonight episode, will the discovery of Vernon’s body, result in Prosecutor Ford dropping the case against Lucious or will she pursue additional charges for the murder?

“In my opinion, Vernon’s body should remain hidden. To me, they just open up another can of worms because the prosecutor’s trying to make a name for herself and having Vernon’s body may help bring down Lucious.”

Tune in to watch the drama continue on Empire, Wednesday nights on FOX network at 9 pm.


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