Empire: Season-2, Episode-3 “Fires of The Heaven”

On tonight’s episode, Cookie and Anika arrange a surprise performance that catches Pitbull’s attention. Lucious tries to persuade Frank Gathers’ daughter, Freda, to sign with him. And Andre and Rhonda hope their news will win Lucious’ favor. So with the assistance of Rhea McDowell let’s recap a few highlights on episode-3.

Tonight’s episode wasn’t anything special maybe because fans are familiar with the flow of the storyline. In all honesty, I’m not feeling the show this season but I’m sure there are a few fans out here still holding onto another Lee Daniels disasters. With such a big drop in views, I’m wondering how the season will play out.  Anywhoo, write me a note in the comment section if you’re still rocking with the show.

The opening scene begins with Lucious getting out on bail, but the DA has one itsy-bitsy stipulation he can’t return to his office at Empire. So I’m wondering how he can make any moves unable to return to work? But then again it’s Lucious, remember he made a track inside a federal prison.

The scene cuts to Hakeem performing for Slade In The Morning. During the interview, he’s question about leaving Empire. Next, Slade contacts Lucious on the phone, to asks about Hakeem leaving and dropping his album on iTunes. Lucious basically says his son has some growing to do. Hanging up, Slade starts questioning Hakeem about using ex-employees from Empire and if the label has anything new to offer. Young Hakeem, so quick to answer, reveals he’s working with a new Latino group and promise him the exclusive. In addition, agrees to have them perform live on the morning show the following week — Cookies pissed because he’s a knucklehead. However, in my opinion, his arrogance is similar to his dad Lucious.

Now let’s chat about this awkward ass dinner. Lucious has invited everyone to have one last dinner together because as he puts it, tomorrow, he’s going to war. Cookie realizes he’s not eating, begins to question if he’s trying to poison them. Lucious denies and begins to explain all will be forgiven including the hostile takeover, dropping the album, plus her attempt to kill him in his sleep, only if they dissolve the Dynasty label. Cookie calls bullshit.

Rhea McDowell, do you think, if Cookie dissolves the company Lucious will hire them back?

“In my opinion, yes, with lots of stipulations.”

Rhea, do you believe Cookie is genuine about looking out for her sons, you know building them a future.

“Yes, but also for herself too.”

Another quick question, which team are you on, Team Lucious or Team Cookie?

“At this moment, neither.”

Lucious basically tells her, none of them can eat without him. Needless to say, wrong damn choice of words, Cookie quickly gets up while grabbing her purse, telling him, she doesn’t know what he was smoking when he was locked up because she will always eat just not with him. Next, she grabs the table runner, pulling all that good ass food down onto the floor. Damn! And Lucious grab his glass of wine.

The next day, Anika goes to visit Lucious and he’s asking for her coöperation in taking down Cookie. Sidebar: No one respects Anika, and when I say no one, absolutely mean no one. Anyway, Anika questions why she should help him and Lucious insults her for sexing his son. She discusses the difficulties working with him as well as with Cookie. Plus, inform him Hakeem is coming into his own. Lucious reveals she’s been misinformed because Hakeem’s returning to Empire — leaving Dynasty with nothing but her and Cookie. Just like that, Anika traded teams asking what does he need from her.

The scene cuts over to Dynasty studios. The Latino group is rehearsing, but Cookie doesn’t like the hook. Hakeem with his oppositional behavior objects to his mom interference. Nevertheless, Cookie takes control but young Valentina continues to play candy crush on her phone ignoring Cookie’s demands. She begins to argue with Hakeem for not mentioning her name during his interview with Slade. By begging, Hakeem eventually convinces her to return to the mic.

On the other side of town, Andre’s meeting up with Lucious to discuss the Apex deal, giving them control over 200 urban radio stations. Next, Andre asks to return to Empire but Lucious tells him that’s not an option.

Rhea, what’s your opinion on Lucious treatment of Andre?

“In my opinion, it’s unfair as if he’s making him beg.”

Will you say it’s similar to the way he treated Jamal in season one?

“Yes, it’s like they must do something extraordinary for him to forgive them.”

Andre is in total disbelief, asking what can he do to get his job back. Next, he reminds Lucious that he wasn’t the only person involved in the takeover, he also mentions, asking Hakeem to return, plus, forgiving Anika but can’t throw him a bone. Lucious tells him to pray about it. Hilarious!

Meanwhile, Freda and her crew meet at the table with Jamal. Lucious really wants to sign her, but she’s offended because Lucious isn’t in attendance. Jamal doesn’t explain he’s not allowed inside the building as part of his bail requirements. Freda’s brother also has questions about the contract, one word lead to another and they bounce.

Anika meet up with Cookie to discuss her meeting with Lucious. She reveals he’s hosting a welcome home party at Leviticus and he asked her (Anika) to betray Dynasty by stealing the tracks. Of course, Cookie is curious why Anika is telling her this. The scene cuts to Cookie crashing into Lucious party. The group Pitbull is performing, in the middle of the song, the lights go down and the music stops. In walks Cookie, she introduced Hakeem, who takes over the stage. Eventually, Lucious shuts it down but then Cookie goes to the Djay booth and reminds her to grab the chip. If anyone knows what she’s referring to please hit the comment section.

Anyway, over Dynasty, Cookie is rehearsing with the group. Drew stops by to inform her, he’s having a baby. Cookie tries to convince him to use it as leverage because Lucious is about legacy. Taking his mom advice Drew goes to visit Lucious. He reveals Rhonda is pregnant but Lucious questions the risk of having a child with mental problems. The question throws Drew since he’s unaware of the family having bipolar issues. The scene flashback to Lucious and his mom. Drew discusses the legacy continuing, but Lucious doesn’t bite.

Later that night, Thirsty and Lucious ride up on Freda freestyle battling in the hood. She’s holding her own when her opponent slams her dad. Freda pulls her gun but before she shoots Lucious grabs her hand. He offers his help making her an instant new rap star. Freda doesn’t trust him and walks away.

Tonight’s episode ends with Becky convincing Jamal to talk with Cookie since he’s having so many problems with the record producers. As he’s about to walk inside Dynasty, Lucious pulls up. He tells Jamal he doesn’t need Cookie because he will produce him. In the meantime, the Latino group, Hakeem, and Cookie arrive at Slade, everyone but Valentina. In walks Lucious announcing he’s purchased the radio station and they’re not getting any AirPlay. In walk Valentina, Hakeem tells her the gigs cancel but Lucious informs them Valentina is performing because she’s signed to his label. Boom!
What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Tune in to watch to drama continue on Empire, Wednesday nights, FOX network at 9 pm.

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