Catfish: Season-4, Episode-18 “Hundra and Emily”

On tonight’s episode, Machine Gun Kelly fills in for Max and co-host with Nev. Apologize for our absence, however, experiencing a few technical difficulties with upgrades. Thank you for continuing to follow and let’s recap episode-18.

The Catfish

Hundra contacts Catfish that she met a girl online named Emily and says she’s her first girlfriend. She also thinks Emily is playing a game because they haven’t met, however, Emily gave her a phone number. Plus, opened up to her about how hard it was to come out. Hundra says it’s risky asking for their help because her family is from Haiti, they are very strict, homosexuality isn’t tolerated and her family could disown her.

The Background

Hundra video chats with Machine Gun Kelly and Nev. They tell her, she’s very brave to come out this way. Hundra admits she’s nervous and says Emily’s the only girl she’s felt this way about. She also says she’s been in relationships with men before but always got her heartbroken. She says she contacted Emily when she was feeling gay for a day.

The next day, Nev and Kelly fly out to Hundra’s house. She’s nervous and explains how her culture looks down on homosexuality as disrespectful. She says she asked Emily to tell her the truth because this is a big deal to her. Hundra says she sent the money via Western Union and it was to a different number and an address in Brooklyn. She says she has had a bunch of different phone numbers since they’ve been texting. She has just three photos of her. Plus, Emily deactivated her Facebook page. Hundra says she wants to know who she’s been talking to since she has helped her get to know herself. Kelly asks why she’s still texting her when she’s spinning her around. Nev says this girl may or may not be who she says she is, but they’re going to do some research. The two head out, as they talk, both begin to wonder if Emily might be in Philadelphia and not in New York like she said.


Nev and Kelly talk about the facts of the case. Hundra sends them all the phone numbers she has for Emily. They start searching with the current phone number. They find someone in Philly named Geralyn. It’s a whitish chick and they see a photo of her making out with a girl who looks like Emily. They then find “Emily” whose real name is Melanie. They wonder why Geralyn would use Melanie’s photos and if they’re running a scam on Hundra.

They head back to Hundra’s house to tell her about Geralyn and Melanie. Hundra gets upset and excuses herself – she’s crying. She comes back down and says they can keep going. She says she’s not attracted to girls that dress like men like Geralyn does. She says she wants to know who Emily is. Nev says they can reach out to Melanie and Geralyn.

Finally, Melanie calls Nev back and they tell her about Emily using her photos. They ask to meet up with her and she says she can meet them tomorrow. Nev calls Hundra and says they’re meeting Melanie tomorrow. The next day, they wait on Melanie. They introduce her to Hundra. Nev tells her the story about the Emily profile. Nev says they’ve been looking into it and ask her about Geralyn and she (Melanie) says that’s her ex. That she and Geralyn broke up because she (Geralyn) still had feelings for her ex. Plus, Geralyn took the break up pretty well.

Nev says they have to figure out what to do since it looks like Geralyn is the person playing games and her number is connected to the text messages. So Melanie calls her for them. She answers and tells her (Melanie) that she’s with Catfish. Plus, says she’s with Hundra and asks if she knows her. Geralyn laughs and says she can’t talk about it over the phone. Melanie asks her to meet Hundra and she finally says yes. Melanie says she doesn’t know what that means for her friendship. Hundra wonders why Geralyn dragged her into this drama. Nev asks for Geralyn’s address, Melanie says goodbye and they roll to Geralyn’s.


Arriving at Geralyn’s house, Nev goes to knock while Kelly and Hundra hang back. Finally, Geralyn answers the door. Hundra says she’s a stud, she’s not Emily. Geralyn admits she’s not, apologizes and says at first it was a game to her. Hundra’s upset and reminded her of their conversations admitting their love for each other. Geralyn says she was just trying to make her ex mad. Next, Nev asks her to honest and express how she feels about Hundra. Geralyn says she was being spiteful but then started to like her and didn’t want to lose her. That she’s been real with her (Hundra) despite the fake pictures.

Next, Hundra asks about her money, but Geralyn says she never picked it up and just wanted to see if she would be there for her. Kelly says Geralyn liked her and it’s not a deep crazy scheme. Nev says maybe this needs to marinate and they’ll talk tomorrow. They head out. Hundra says she went looking for a lipstick lesbian and got a butch dyke. Kelly tells her that’s harsh and she’s ignorant.

Later during the evening, Nev receives a message from Geralyn to meet up without Hundra so she can tell them some things without her. So they head to her house and she reveals she doesn’t know Hundra. They only been talking to each other about four weeks, it was Hundra and Melanie idea to contact the show, but it’s not true. They catfished the Catfish show!

Here’s the breakdown according to Geralyn:

  • Hundra and Melanie are exes.
  • The scenario is fake, she doesn’t know Hundra, neither does she like her.
  • Melanie is her lover.

Nev asks why she did this, she says she loves Melanie and did what she asked. Kelly asks if Hundra is a lesbian and Geralyn says she doesn’t know and doesn’t like the way Hundra was making her look on TV.

Kelly is furious, and the producer calls Melanie and Hundra to come over. Kelly’s curses and says he’s not there to help these little girls get 15 seconds of fame. Nev says only Melanie could manipulate Geralyn into doing something. Geralyn explains everything to the producer she did this for love because Melanie asked. Nev pulls off his mic.

Melanie and Hundra show up and Geralyn walks out. Nev asks what’s up, Melanie goes off on Geralyn about stealing photos and talking to people online. Geralyn says it’s over, that the cat is out the bag. Melanie begins to play dumb, but Kelly reveals, Geralyn told them that they’re playing a catfish game. Next, Hundra says it was something that needed to be done. Nev asks if she just wanted to come out and she says she wanted the world to know. Nev asks why the world needs to know. Hundra says because her culture hates gays, but Nev explain she’s setting a bad example and the way she talks about gays is objectionable. Kelly says she lied and selfish. Hundra says she’s done and walks off, calling them a sucka. Nev asks Melanie why she participated in the scheme, that she made her ex Geralyn look like an asshole. He also says they put themselves in a shitty situation for the whole world to see. Melanie explains she was only trying to help a friend and apologizes.

On the drive home, Nev tries to process the situation and says it’s upsetting because he doesn’t like being made to look like a fool. The next day he met up with Hundra and she says she won’t apologize because she wanted her coming out to be memorable for her and Nev said her family will just see her lying on TV. He explained there were other things she could have tried. Hundra agrees but says she did. Nev said her coming out will disappear by all this craziness. Nev says he encourages her to talk to her family before the show airs so they’re not blindsided. He wishes her luck and walks away.

The Follow-Up

Two months later, Nev contacted Melanie. She says she hasn’t talked to Hundra because she vanished. That she just wanted to help her come out and apologize some more. Then they call Hundra, she says she’s been talking to girls and been out on some dates. Nev asks how she feels about this, Hundra says she’s not happy about the way she went about it, but it wasn’t necessarily wasted time, plus, she can’t take it back. and says they still got something out of it. Nev explained she lied and disrespected her community. Hundra, regardless of the situation, the show still got something out of it and Kelly got to be TV. They hang up on her.


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