Scream Queens: Season-1, Episode-3 “Chainsaw”

On tonight’s episode, Chanel turns Hester into her next project. Chanel No. 3 shares a secret and a surprising connection between two students is revealed. So let’s recap a few highlights of tonight episode.

Tonight’s episode opens with Zayday and Grace out shopping for snacks they come face to face with the Red Devil however in turns out to be Eugene dressed up in a costume. Returning to campus they stop by to visit Chanel #2 and in walks Campus security officer Denise — who believes Chanel #2 is dead because the last tweet she’s being murdered. In the meantime, right down the hall, Chanel #3 grows close to Sam and tell her a family secret, that Charles Manson is her father. So they both decide to be each other’s alibi when someone else dies. The scene cuts back Chanel #2 room. Grace, Zayday and Denise discover blood stains in Chanel #2’s bedroom and believe Denise may be right, except for the fact Chanel #2 is still posting pictures to her Instagram from an unknown location. Confused, the trio head to Bel Air to speak to Chanel #2’s parents, who tell her that Chanel #2 was dating Chad (along with every other Chanel). Following their conversation, Denise becomes convinced that there are two Red Devils, Zayday being one of them while Grace believes that Chad may be responsible for the murders.

Over at the Kappa sorority house, Chanel and Chanel #5 discovers Chanel #2 body missing, Chanel #5 becomes frightened and frustrated by the Red Devil’s reign of terror and of course, Chanel’s attitude. She declares her independence from Chanel and the sorority. Determined to defeat the Red Devil, keen to boost her dwindling popularity and restore her diminishing band of minions, Chanel decides to give Hester a makeover and induct her into the sorority as Chanel #6.

Meanwhile, at the fraternity house, Chad’s organizing a candlelight for his best friend Boone. As the students gather for the ceremony, Chanel approaches Chad about breaking up with her. He explains it’s because all of her pledges are ugly and he simply can’t picture himself screwing any of them. This guy is hilarious and such a narcissists. Finally, Dean Munsch approaches the podium to address the students. She announces the Red Devil mascot is no longer the school mascot and introduces “Cody” a soft serve ice cream cone. Following the ceremony, the new mascot strolls the campus and returns to the gym, shortly after entering he’s killed by the Red Devil. Later, Chad pumps the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity brothers up to take back their campus. Hitting the streets, the frat vandalize a few cars and the Red Devil pops up on the screen with a chainsaw but this time there’s two. Each wielding a chainsaw, the scholars are hopelessly outplayed, resulting in Caulfield losing both his arms.

It’s time for class, Grace walks into her film course and in walks Professor Wes, her dad. Grace is pissed and walks out. Next, professor Wes shows the class the movie, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Dismissing the class with a question, asking aren’t we all running from the chains in our past? After class, Gigi and Wes make dinner plans. In the meantime, Security Officer Denise has handcuffed Zayday to the steering wheel accusing her of murder but let’s her go after giving her a warning.

Dean Munsch becomes concerns following Caulfield losing both arms, but more importantly she’s a little jealousy over Wes interest in Gigi. So she decides to join them for dinner where she announces her plan for them (Gigi and Dean Munsch) to move into the Kappa house temporarily to protect the girls. Following dinner, Wes leaves to wait outside for his daughter Grace. Dean Munsch and Gigi retired to bed. Irritated by Dean Munsch’s white noise machine and her intrusion into her dinner date with Wes, Gigi decides to sleep downstairs, where she’s confronted by the Red Devil wielding a chainsaw. Tonight’s episode ends with Gigi evading the attack with the assistance of Wes. Alarmed by the screams, Dean Munsch arrives downstairs, where Wes and Gigi accuse her of being the killer.


Tune in to watch the drama continue of Scream Queens, Tuesday nights on FOX network at 9 pm.

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