Married To Medicine: Season-3 Reunion Special Part-1

Hello Married to Medicine fans, I’m late recapping Season-3 reunion special, however, in my defense ABC fall season line-up aired “Blood and Oil” and “Quantico” and both premieres look promising. Remember to check back for the latest recaps. In addition, to the ABC fall line-up, Married to Medicine reunion special pushed me over the top. However, will write-up tonight’s foolery to the best of my ability — so let’s get started.

Tonight’s reunion special opens with the wives and doctors looking nice. However, in all honesty, I really do not care what they’re wearing. Hey, I tell you what, leave me a comment telling me who was the best dress? Moving on, Andy Cohen (Host) opens the reunion addressing Dr. Heavenly about her shady comments of the other co-stars. The season clip plays in the background as Andy mentions how she laughed at several of the ladies.

“Sometime’s the truth is funny but if you don’t want me talking with you like that then, I want play with you,” Dr. Heavenly replied.

Next, Andy reads a viewer question, asking what kind of example is she setting for her daughter, throwing shade at women?

“Alaura is a very smart girl and I’m teaching her how to be a boss. By the time she’s 21-yrs-old, she will know what to do in life,” Dr. Heavenly replied.

Sidebar: She didn’t answer the question. Anyway, Dr. Simone interjects with, “I’ll take advice from a child before listening to Dr. Heavenly!” Oh, the shade! Of course, our favorite host keeps the shade going asking Dr. Jackie how did she feel when Dr. Heavenly described her as having a 12-yrs-old boy body.

“Well, “B”, I’m comfortable with my body because when I undress at night, my body don’t spill open like a can of dough biscuits,” replies Dr. Jackie. Damn, Ouch!

Did, Sir Andy stop there, no, he turns to ask Dr. Heavenly if she’s jealous of Dr. Jackie?

“I’m not jealous of her being a size negative-2 (shade) but I’m jealous over the fact she can keep her life together through everything,” Dr. Heavenly answers.

Moving on to Dr. Simone and Toya relationship problem, but who really cares about that old crap. Nevertheless, Dr. Simone gives her credit for not holding grudges. Next, the ladies discuss Dr. Jackie’s ” The Fit Is The New It!” Andy asks if Dr. Jackie pushed them too hard — Dr. Simone answered yes, especially, when she emptied out her kitchen candy drawer, the ladies enjoyed the laugh. In the meantime, Mariah’s backstage with her husband Aydan talking much shit. Sidebar: I understand Mariah’s still grieving however in my opinion she wasn’t ready to return to the show because no matter what the women say or how they apologize it will never be enough.

Returning from break, the elephant in the room footage plays in the background, “Friend Don’t Do Background Checks On Friends!” It’s time for the Quad and Lisa Nicole Show. Geesh, I’m tired of the discussion already. But for the fans here’s the breakdown:

Lisa Nicole, claims she runs background checks on all potential business investments. In addition, she reveals she ran background checks on everyone before coming to the reunion. Why, is the question? If you can recall, Quad never asked her to invest any money because she had two investors. Lisa Nicole, listen up Hunny it’s simple, you’re wrong! Anyway, Andy Cohen asks Quad why was it such a big deal? Before Quad can answer, Lisa Nicole interrupts,

“You hurt me too, I only got the background check — on you, not your husband or family.” Blah, Blah, Blah! Finally, Quad’s given a chance to answer, “Lisa, you can sit here, twist and twirl your words but I’m not here (on a reality show) for women to hit women. Sidebar: I’m digging Quad response because I’m not down with fighting or allowing another woman to provoke me, resulting in risking my life, dealing with these cops and this “F@@ked up court system. Seriously, ladies, learn to control your tempers and learn to walk away because who has time for some damn charges? So let’s move on because everyone’s talking over each other and Quad isn’t going to accept Lisa Nicole apology. Toya adds her two cents, simply saying both of them were wrong — finally, Quad offers an apology.

The reunion specials end with Andy beginning a discussion about Jill and Dr. Heavenly many confrontations. In addition, he mentions Jill was offered an invention to attend the reunion but decline due to her recent pending charges. Dr. Heavenly, admits she regrets the things she said to Jill. Plus, Toya reveals, Jill has no money and temporary living with her parents.

Sidebar: Ladies, if you haven’t learned anything from tonight’s recap, I hoped you learn to have your own. It’s a wonderful thing to be in a relationship but ladies you must be able to bring something to the table. Stop getting into relationships thinking he’s supposed to take care of you. Only to end up without work experience or no education, leaving you unable to provide for yourself. Remember to always have a backup plan also, stop having children without the “I Do’s!”

Until Next Season! Deuces!


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