“The Strain” Season-2 Finale, Episode-13 “Night Train”

On Season-2 finale, Abraham Setrakian and Fet battle for possession of the Occido Lumen and gain a surprising new ally. Also, a massive attack imperils Dr. Ephraim, Dr. Nora and Zach’s escape from New York. So let’s recap a few highlights of Episode-13, “Night Train.”

Tonight’s episode begins with Eichorst checking the plant stages of development. Meanwhile, Fet’s busy adding extra protection to van for travel to retrieve the Lumen and Dr. Eph take final pics of the group prior to leaving for DC.

Arriving at the train station and the station is packed. Nora and Dr. Eph discusses his decision taking Zach to his grandparents. Unknown to them, Kelly’s watching from the other side of the track and begin to anger. Will assume her Feelers are close.

Gus introduces the Rikers island new recruits to Quinlan. One of the new recruits begins to taunt and question Gus selection on a new leader. Weapons are drawn and Quinlan kills him quickly. Meanwhile, Fet and Abraham arrived safely to the auction. Eichorst arrives in replacement for Palmer. Abraham taunts him about the Master passing him over for a third-rate act like Bolivar. Eichorst tells him the Master wants to turn him. After verifying the funds, the bidding begins. Abraham has $323 million in gold, and Eichorst has $351 million. According to the terms, Eichorst only needs $1 more to win the bid. As Alonzo Creem hand over the Lumen an emergency phone call comes in informing Creem assistant access to the Swiss account has been denied.

“It seems Eldritch Palmer would rather have me with the book than the Master,” says Abraham.

On the ride back Abraham reveals he has no plans of giving the book over to ancients. Right at that moment their vehicle is struck from the side by Eichorst and his vamps. Fet has guns blazing as Quinlan and his new recruits roll up — the fight is on. Eichorst comes face to face with Quinlan. The master begins to speak through him, saying, he fears no one. Angel is in full costume and Fet blows the area up as Abraham continue to decapitate vamps.

Eichorst escapes, the scene cuts to him confronting Palmer about costing them the Lumen. Coco interjects demanding the white when they need it also demanding they be treated as partners. Within a flash, The Master appears, instantly killing Coco for his (Palmer) betrayal.

The train has been cleared for departure. Shortly, after leaving the station the train is overtaken by Kelly and vampires. The major battle of the season begins. The conductor applies the brakes smashing into 100’s of vamps standing in the tracks. Finally, coming to a stop the train has derailed. Nora and Zach leave off the train as the Feelers climb atop, then enter the train killing many passengers along the way. Dr. Eph yells out for Zach and Nora, but he’s confronted by a Feeler. In the meantime, Nora and Zach are confronted by Kelly. Nora shoots screaming for Zach to run towards the station. She overpowers Kelly, but Zach screams for her to stop and Kelly unleashes her long tongue infecting Nora. Approaching Zach and the two embrace and the Master telepathically tell her to bring Zach to him.

Season-2 ends with Dr. Eph find an infected Nora on the track. Saying their goodbyes, Dr. Nora electrocuted herself. Escaping through the sewage system but are confronted by Gus. Quinlan and Angel join them. Abraham explains the book can’t be given back to the ancients because it’s needed to capture the Master. Entering the ferry-boat Abraham begins to cypher the book revealing it will take a long time to find the answer and hopefully not perish before winning back the world without becoming monsters.

Until Next Season!


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