Let’s Chat About MTV 2015 Video Music Awards (VMA)!!!

The MTV 2015 video music awards (VMA) premiered Sunday night and hosted by Miley Cyrus. Since I didn’t watch the pre-show let’s dive right into recapping this mess. As I’ve stated, Miley Cyrus hosted the event, throwing out a few lame jokes here and there. Sidebar: Will like to point out, I certainly can understand why the VMA’s been without a host for the last two years and maybe production should have kept it that way because the show seem to be thrown together at the last-minute. The tired ass skits and one-liners ran a little flat. Plus, Miley is known to make a spectacle of herself for money. IMO, her behavior isn’t natural and leans towards exploited, forced or trying way to hard. Enough chatting about Miley & let’s chat about the 4-5 performances and who actually won awards.

Anyway, let’s discuss Nicki Minaj beef with MTV for not nominating her for the music video of the year award. According to Nicki, MTV doesn’t like black curvy girls because they prefer skinny white girls. Meantime, Taylor Swift jumped into the mix adding her two cents and a Twitter war took off between the two of them. Well, when all was said and done the two come together as if there wasn’t a beef. Basically, MTV allowed Nicki to open the award show to shut her mouth. Moving on, Nicki’s performs “The Night Is Still Young” and the camera pans to Taylor joining her on stage. What kind of publicity stunt is going on was the first thing that came to mind?

“Come on up and join the stage with me,” says Nicki, and the two perform “Bad Blood.”

Following Nicki Minaj’s and Taylor Swift grand performance. Britney Spears came out wearing a gold dress with a ponytail and she looked good whipping her tail back and forth. She introduced my guy, Bruno Mars and he was the first to win an award for “Uptown Funk.”

Next up, Macklemore, who performs “Downtown” with Ryan Lewis. Macklemore has been missing from the scene after following his big year. Apparently, he relapsed back into drugs but appears to have himself together and gave an awesome performance.

The scene cuts to the Weekend performance and must admit, I enjoyed his first album “Trilogy” even though it made you want to have sex, do drugs, or both. Tonight he performed “I can’t feel my face” and as the camera pans to the audience you see Kanye West enjoying the hell out of that song. But when Taylor Swift won her first award, Kanye was ducked down in his seat pretending to be sleep. #Hilarious!

Next up, the comedian, fat Amy came out wearing a police uniform, tried to make a few jokes and strip. The skit wasn’t that funny and neither was the LAPD joke to introduce the nominees for Hip Hop artists. Then Nicki Minaj wins an award for “Anaconda” why, I don’t know but Meek Mills is happy and clapping proudly like a cheerleader. Next she gives her acceptance speech thanking her pastor. Then turns to call out Miley Cyrus, referring to her as the bitch running her mouth in the press. If you can recall, Miley gave her opinion to the press on the Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj beef. Miley quickly took control of the situation and shut Nicki ass down.

The camera cuts to Demi and Izzy on stage performing. Next up, Justin Bieber wearing a flipped up bang looking like a lesbian giving a stiff performance, but he does have a new album out that’s doing good on the charts. Tonight, Justin gave his fans a lazy Chris Brown performance with tears. Now, Tory Kelly gave an awesome performance singing her ass off. Last but not lease a skit between Miley and Snoop Dogg and I could have sworn the heffa said, Mammie.

The 2015 MTV awards end tonight with Kanye West receiving the Vanguard Award and announcing he’s running for president of the United States in 2020.

Check out Nicki Minaj explodes at Miley Cyrus video:

Until next year!!!

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