Married To Medicine: Star Jill Connors Attacked Hubby After Getting Caught Cheating!

TMZ broke the story, reporting “Married to Medicine” star Jill Connors went berserk on her husband, Dr. John Connors after he accused her of cheating. Dr. Connors discovered his wife affair based upon text messages between her and an unidentified male, according to the police report.

On the evening of Aug. 13th,

“John stated he and Jill started arguing about the matter in the kitchen, and he told Jill that she could not cheat on him, and that he would take the children if he needed to,” according to the report.

“John said Jill immediately became violent and she started striking him in the face with closed hand punches. John stated Jill then started to tear his T-shirt, and she scratched him all over his neck and upper body with her fingernails. John said he had no choice but to call 911, because he was being attacked,” the report continues.

“John said when he called 911, Jill grabbed a knife or sharp object and started to cut herself on the arm and chest. John said while she cut herself, she yelled ‘He’s cutting me!’

According to the report, John attempted to retreat to a separate room, and then he tried to close the door.

“John said, Jill stuck her hand in between the door and door frame, and she tried to stop him from closing the door. John said, her hand was injured from that part of the incident.”

When the police arrived,

“John had red scratch marks on his chest, neck, and back, which were caused by Jill’s fingernails. John also pointed to his lip which appeared slightly puffy, and he said Jill punched him in the face. I (police person) asked John if he ever struck Jill, and he said no. John said he just took the physical acts that Jill committed on him.”

Speaking to police at the scene,

Jill “immediately replied, ‘I hit him. I started it, I know'” the report states. ” Jill went on to say that they were arguing about her affair with another male. Jill said, John threatened to take the children, and she became very upset. Jill said she was so angry with John that she struck John in the face, and she scratched him on his body. Jill said she was really scared that he would take the children from her.”

The police on the scene also asked Jill to described the way he cut her, and she could not describe the details of how he cut her. I (police person) asked Jill what knife he used, and where it was at, and she could not provide answers to any of  those questions.

“Jill said, ‘It all happened so fast, and I don’t know how it happened. I do not know where the knife is’ Jill also said, John slammed the door on her hand. Jill did not have any other visible injuries or marks besides the two cuts. Jill had a bandage over the cut on her wrist on her lower arm.”

The incident report notes that no stitches or further treatment required for her injuries. Jill was arrested and is facing charges of battery and cruelty to children, says George Gordon, a spokesman for the Alpharetta police.

“There were no injuries to the children,” Gordon says, “but they witnessed what occurred, and therefore, that falls under cruelty to children in the third degree.”

“Evidence on scene clearly indicated that she was the primary aggressor in this assault,” he says. “This was based upon the police officer’s observation of injuries as well as the direct testimony from Jill Connors.”

Jill was booked into the Alpharetta jail and released a day later. Meantime, Dr. Connors won a restraining order shortly after her arrest and he got everything — the house, her car and temporary custody of their 3 kids. Jill also reported, Dr. Connors withdrew $250,000 from their joint account leaving her penniless

Yesterday, TMZ reported Jill is fighting back after receiving a copy of the divorce papers she filed last week. According the divorce papers, Jill’s asking for primary custody of the kids as well as spousal support. Plus she wants their Atlanta home.

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