“Power” Season-2, Episode-3 “Like We Any Other Couple”

On tonight’s episode Ghost and Angela enjoy a getaway in Miami until reality intrudes on their fantasy life as a couple. Also, Tommy and Kanan bond grows closer. So lets breakdown Episode-3, “Like We Any Other Couple.”

Let’s begin this recap with Tommy and Kanan. As fans you already know Kanan wants Ghost dead and making plans to make sure that happens. But Tommy’s on a mission trying to brief Kanan on what he’s missed over the last 10-years of incarceration. The scene opens with Tommy taking him to the laundry mat showing him where they wash their money. Sidebar: I’m sure fans are asking why Tommy insist on bringing him back into the business? But look at it from his point of view, he believes Kanan is the same person before going inside. Tommy sees him as his family! Meantime, Julio comes in and informs him about Cristobal saying it’s too hot and the heat is on. Tommy tells them that Ghost is down in Miami covering for Simon Stern. Also, while he there he plans to verify an address that he has for the pink sneakers (Latino girl). Kanan question Tommy why didn’t he go to slice the bitch throat? Tommy explained that Ghost want to question her about who ordered the hit. Kanan quickly dismissed himself to the restroom. Once inside the stall he contacts his boy ordering him to catch the next flight down to Miami because they must find the Latino girl before Ghost does!

The scene switches to Kanan riding with Tommy to visit with QDubs at the pool hall. Tommy needs to chat with him about moving product. Also, Tommy wants him to meet with Ruiz to squash the problems. QDubs like hell naw and he question Kanan’s loyalty to RSK because they stood toe to toe with him when he was locked down. Sidebar: Tommy doesn’t pick up on Kanan was down with RSK. Anyway, QDubs still believe Ruiz killed his brother. Next he questions if Ghost had his brother killed. Tommy denies having anything to do with it.

“Well, we are not doing business with you guys because we have our own connection with these Russians. They give us the same quality for a cheaper price,” says QDubs.

“You know you were never very smart, but we don’t blame you we blame your parents,” replies Kanan, “boy do you know why people call you quarter because your mom use to give blow jobs for a quarter in the parking lot!”

QDubs is pissed, Kanan pulls his gun shooting him in the neck and Tommy whacks his partner.

Down in Miami, Ghost is running errands for Simon. Later Angela and Ghost have lunch across from the apartment pink sneakers live. Ghost confirms she lives there because he catches a snapshot of her in a picture he took of Angela. Later, Ghost goes to meet up with Lee, some club owner who refuses to do business with Simon. Ghost tries to get him to review the contract, but Lee refuses. Next, Angela reviews the contract and that’s when Ghost realizes Lee contract was different from the others club owners.

The scene cuts to Angela visiting a girlfriend, that also works for the government. She discusses Tommy, Ghost, and the club situation. Later back at the hotel following some passionate lovemaking, Angela reveals to Ghost, she works for the government and believes her old classmate his friend Tommy is a drug dealer by the name of Ghost. He’s pissed off accusing her lying to him. Next she tells him that she plans to put Tommy in jail and she needs him to testify against Tommy. In this emotional scene, fans realize that Ghost has two choices.

  • Kill Angela like Tommy said. Or
  • Let Tommy take the rap because he can get out the drug game.

Back at a Cuban restaurant across from pink sneakers place. She walks into the restaurant, notices Ghost and takes off running. Meantime, Kanan boy is down there watching Ghost watch pink sneakers. She’s running but bumps into Kanan’s boy who stabs her a few times. Ghost catches up to her and tries to question her about the hit at the club, but all she kept saying was, “Dumb MF, you a dumb MF.” Finally, she answers him, saying no it wasn’t Rolla.

Tonight’s episode ends with Ghost returning to Lee with the contract. He convinces him to sign the contract with a promise to help him take down Simon Stern.

Check out the video clip:


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