Braxton Family Values Season-5, Episode-24 “Restraint Thineself”

On tonight’s episode, Tamar is concerned that Trina’s boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father. Towanda shocks all with her role in a new theater project. Sisters attend Trina’s test run for Bar Chix; bartender blows up. Everything is seemly perfect as the sister enjoy the night out until Trina’s staff gets out of hand when the whole family swings by.

Tamar is in Atlanta working on her album and has invited her sisters out for drinks. Trina announces she’s opening up Bar Chix within a few weeks. Tamar mentions Trina appear stress, insisted that she spend less time working and start putting more effort in dating. When Trina explained that she just likes being busy, Tamar responded with a quip,

“You better be busy getting busy, okay. You are single. You better go out there and get your life.”

Sidebar: Tamar needs to understand that Trina’s coming out of a messy divorce with Gabriel Solis.

Tamar return to LA, her mom is there watching her prepping the ribs for dinner. The two discuss Jacent calling to schedule a meeting with her dad, Mr. Braxton and she wonder what that’s all about.

Towanda has an upcoming role in the stage play Vagina Dialogs, she attends her friend Mia Rhodes actors workshop to prepare. Meanwhile, Jacent meet up with Mr. Braxton to ask for his blessing –It appears Jacent is becoming serious. Moving over at the Atlanta theater, it’s showtime and Trina attends the play to offer her sister some support.

The scene switches Trina hosting a practice (dry run) grand opening to introduce her signature drink and a few of the bar appetizers. She also plans to decide on which bartenders and waitresses to hire. Despite Trina’s preparations to get Bar Chix open and ready — her staff isn’t on the same page. Tonight’s episode ends, with an altercation between the staff. The young guy, Michael — who Trina thought will be a great addition to Bar Chix becomes a little too touchy-feely. Her mom, Ms. Evelyn suggest she has the manager, Sandra to speak with him. As she tries to chat with him about the complaints from the staff and the sisters, Michael goes the hell off. He accuses the manager of trying to punk him, storms out, leaving Trina disappointed and embarrassed.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Tune in to watch Braxton Family Values on Thursday nights, on WEtv, at 9 pm, est.

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