Hollywood Divas Season-2, Episode-6 “Heartbreak Hotel”

On tonight’s episode, Lisa Wu throws a mother’s brunch to celebrate her mom who has cancer. Paula Jai Parker revisits her homeless past and Countess Vaughn works on her vocals. Tonight was a cute episode, so let’s dive into recapping “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Episode-6 opens at Lisa home, she has invited her siblings over for lunch. Lisa and her brother Andre are very upset with their brother and sister, Carlos and Marlo for not helping their dad with their mom’s care. Lisa mom has lung cancer and she just relocated from Atlanta to help out. Carlos and Marlo actually live in LA and doesn’t help out. However, Carlos says he does go by as much as possible but Marlo admits to going by only 3-times since their mom began chemo. Sidebar: It’s a sad scene! Anyway, the sibling comes together and agree to pitch in more. Lisa says she’s planning a brunch to celebrate their battle with the terminal illness. The scene cuts to Lisa meeting up with Countess at the restaurant to have a taste test. Sidebar: Is it me or does it appear all Countess scenes involve her eating food? Is this the only way she will agree to film — I’m curious?

Over at Paula’s home, she reflecting on Pastor Toray challenge. Forrest doesn’t understand how Paula can take advice from a pastor after only meeting him for one day. Paula kisses her son, One, tell Forrest bye and drives to the Extended Stay motel in Inglewood to reflect over her past and lowest moment in life. Sidebar: Poor One, sitting on the sofa looking like a little old man. I’m not trying to talk about anyone’s child but those glasses — Paula, come on, go buy the baby a better pair of eyewear.

Meanwhile, Elise is absence again this week. Golden goes to a photo shoot for her new collection of fashion accessory pillows. And Lisa stops by to visit Paula at the hotel. Paula’s crying and opens up about her past. The next morning she returns home to chat with Forrest about moving forward with the girls. Also, she asked him to apologize but Forrest feels he wasn’t wrong for standing up for himself against Rishon and the Divas.

It’s time for the Mother’s Brunch. The guests are arriving wearing the requested white attire — all except for Paula, who arrives wearing white pants and top with a mustard color shawl wrapped around her shoulders. Paula tells the ladies that Forrest can’t attend. Golden’s surprised to see Shar there, especially after what happen on the cruise with actor workshop flyers. The two chat briefly and it’s time for the festivities to begin. The introductions are made, Lisa comes up to the podium to deliver a very heartfelt speech. Right smack in the middle of her speech, Forrest walks in interrupting. Golden’s like what the hell? Lisa’s family looking like who is this guy taking over, grabbing the mic, and introducing himself as Paula Jai Parker’s wife?

“You know I just want to say, mothers are important,” says Forrest, “Also, I see some people in the audience, you know, Golden and Countess, I just want to say I apologize.”

Tonight’s episode ends with Forrest telling Paula he will see her at home, drops the mic and walks out. Sidebar: Someone in my family or a close friend would have beat Forrest ass over this shit because his apology wasn’t genuine. Plus, he didn’t have the decency to go sit his ass down after rudely interrupting the event. Forrest timing was all off and Paula sitting there like I didn’t know he was coming, but at least he apologize — however, in her confessional, she says what he did was “F” up!

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Tune in to watch the drama continue on Hollywood Divas, Wednesday night on TV1, at 9 pm, est.


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