The Haves and The Have Nots: Season-4, Episode-7 “Quincy Jr.”

Tonight’s episode opens with an overjoyed Hannah — whose joy quickly turns to grief. Apparently, Lil Quincy has been physically abused but Benny is reluctant to take Lil Q to seek medical attention. He tells his mother, Hannah, they run the chance of Child Protective Services getting involved. However, she insists seeking medical attention because the wounds are infected. The scene cuts over to the hospital and they are waiting on the doctor to finish examining the child. Meanwhile, Benny fills Hannah in on how was able to find him. Finally, Dr. Cavanaugh comes out to informs them Lil Q has broken ribs, infected wounds also he must turn the case over to Child Protective Services and the local police. The CPS Agent and an officer arrive at the hospital. They attempt to question the child, he’s reluctant to answer their questions but said his grandmother and uncle didn’t hurt him. The cameras pan over to his father, Quincy arriving at the E.R. seeking medical attention —  the CPS agent finish questioning the child. Benny gives her the address to Quincy sister apartment and the agent allows a brief visit with his nephew.

Candace and Oscar are still in New York and she’s unaware her son been located. Oscar plans to romance her because it’s not about sex with him — he wants more. He says, “I plan to help carry your burdens, my arms are here to offer you comfort and refuge.” Once again, Candace lets down her defenses and gives in. Meantime, the scene cuts to Jeffery returning to his apartment, only to find Melissa has moved in. She tells him, his mother, Veronica has put all his old belongings into storage and sent her on a shopping spree to re-furnish the apartment. She also says Veronica signed the lease in her name. Next, this fool shows Jeffery the local paper that has their engagement announcement printed in black and white. Jeffery is furious, before storming out he bellows, what his mother is doing is crazy, she can have the apartment and he wants nothing to do with any of it.

Back at the hospital, Benny finally reaches his sister, Candace. He tells her that they found Lil Q, but he is in the hospital with physical injuries. In addition, he explained CPS is involved and will only release Lil Q into her custody. After years of being separated from her son a tearful Candace tells Lil Q she loves him, has been searching for him and on her way.

The scene now moves to the prison, Jim and Katherine are visiting with Wyatt. A tearful Wyatt pleads with his parents to get him out of jail. Jim tells Wyatt he hasn’t quite learned his lesson and needs spend more time behind bars. The scene cuts to Jim and Katherine arriving on Amanda’s college — both confront Amanda’s professor. After interrogating him, catching him in so many lies, Jim gives him a beat down and Katherine steps in to stop him insisting they leave.

Tonight’s episode ends with Wyatt getting a new cellmate because Ricco is in the infirmary recovering from stab wounds.

“I know who you are,” says Wyatt’s new cellmate, “You’re that guy who killed that little girl!”

“You know, I’ve been looking for you,” says the cellmate, “I’m just like you I’m a killer too, but what you did to that little girl, you need to pay for it.”

He orders Wyatt to get on his knees — Wyatt refuses. Next, he pulls Wyatt of the bed and forcing him to his knees.
What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Will Jim make it to the prison in time enough to save his son, Wyatt? Do you think the guards will save Wyatt, or has his luck ran out? We would like to hear from you, so let’s spill some tea. We got the biscuits.

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