The Strain Season-2, Episode-5, “Quick and Painless”

On tonight’s episode, Dr. Ephraim changes his appearance to leave the city. Dr. Nora is left as the reluctant parent for Zach. Dutch and Dr. Nora make a deal with Councilwoman Justine to secure Fet’s release from jail. So let’s quickly recap tonight’s episode as painlessly as possible.

Kelly Goodweather blind Feelers are on the attack at a housing complex. The police are at war trying to drive them out. Abraham’s in search for a book. Dr. Ephraim is a fugitive and on the run without his son, Zach. Before embarking on his journey, he will alter his appearance significantly, his plan is to travel to Washington DC to share his discovery, hoping to make a valuable weapon that can fight the virus on a mass scale.

In Dr. Ephraim’s absence, Dr. Nora will assume the responsibility of Zach. Somewhat reluctant, but she agrees to take on the role of his parent. Fans, do think with Dr. Ephraim gone will his wife, Kelly and the blind Feelers closed in on Zach’s scent? Remember last week, her Feelers got very close to tracking Zach scent — it’s only a matter of time, so will they find him in Dr. Ephraim’s absence?

Meanwhile, Dutch and Dr. Nora take a trip down to City Hall, hoping to make a deal to get Fet released. Remember last week, Fet blew up the Red Hook subway tunnel in Brooklyn in order to cut off the Strigoi’s main routes of travel — but the hunter was arrested by the Councilwoman’s task force. Cutting back to city hall, Councilwoman Justine is trying to keep the crowd calm until it is safe for them to return to their homes. Dr. Nora approaches her and explained a 72-hour hold isn’t necessary because she has a test to determine if a person is infected immediately. Councilwoman Justine is hesitant but agrees to allow Dr. Nora to help also agreeing to release Fet’s.

After Fet is released. He briefly chats with the chief of police about why he blow up the Red Hook, but he’s an exterminator by trade. The chief explained his team is on a mission to evacuate an apartment complex, but the spider children (Feelers) have taken over and have injured a few of his men. Unaware of their existence, Fet tells Dutch he must go check out the apartment building. Dr. Nora follows through on her promise — checking anyone suspected to be infected. Next, Councilwoman Justine asks her to check out her nephew and Dr. Nora confirm he’s infected.

Meanwhile, Abraham continues his hunt for the Occido Lumen, the book that could help defeat the Master and the strigoi. He decides to make a few deals on the black market with some rare bling ready to trade. The old vampire hunter negotiates with a few men in regards to the book when one of the criminals tries to rob Abraham of his valuables. The old vampire hunter displays his badass skills, pulling his sword, ready to go. “You will not come out well in this trade,” bellowed Abraham. With their respect levels suddenly in check, the gangsters suggest they may know someone who deals in the occult and religious artifacts, Abraham rewards them handsomely for their assistance. Headed home from his dealings, a mysterious figure approaches in an alleyway. “Show yourself!” Abraham demands, and out pops Fitzwilliam, who’s ready to help.

Dr. Ephraim made his way to Washington DC. Of course, the trip wasn’t easy. Unfortunately for him, while the fake ID and new look gets him past the security checkpoints, his plan quickly falls apart on the train when he runs smack into his former boss, Barnes. If you remember, he’s the man standing there afraid when the freshly revived Palmer tossed the Secretary of Health off the balcony. Barnes recognizes Dr. Ephraim immediately, and after pretending to sympathize with his cause, Barnes sneaks in a sucker punch and warns him not to end up on the wrong side of things. The two throw down fighting, the struggle moves outside, between two cars. Dr. Ephraim tosses Barnes right off the side of the train — arriving safely in Washington D.C.!

At the end of the episode, we are introduced to another mysterious strigoi character who touches down on a private jet in New Jersey. Is he part of The Master’s effort to continue to spread the vampire plague outside of New York, or is he associated with Vaun’s battle against The Master?
What are your thoughts on tonight episode? Personally, I’m not liking the vampire apocalypse. I get the intrigue to introduce more characters but in my opinion, the season is losing its way, its focus because the storylines are becoming more fractured. IJS!

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