The Haves and Have Nots Season-4, Episode-5 “Candace Young, Esquire”


Tonight’s episode begins with Candace showing Benny her new office. Although a little late, Maggie shows up in a nick of time to help pull off Candace’s scheme. She escorts Benny and Candace to an office that has Candace’s name on the door. Benny falls for the scheme hook line and sinker. Just as Candace and Benny are leaving the actual partners walks into the office. Candace continues to walk out leaving Maggie to explain why they’re inside here office.

The scene cuts to Veronica meeting with a realtor to purchase a home. While reviewing the paperwork, she receives a call from Katherine, informing her D.A. Stallison wants to meet with them. Next, Katherine mentions Jeffery’s car and Veronica reassured her, she has everything under control. She decides to buy and closes the deal with the realtor. Immediately, leaving out to call Wilson, some guy who’s hiding Jeffrey’s car. Wilson informs Veronica the car’s sold, however, it’s sitting inside a tow yard. Veronica becomes furious and decides to take care of the matter herself.
Moving over to the Crier residence and Jim’s talking to Norman — filling Norman in on the plan. Jim says he’s trying to teach his son Wyatt a lesson, he will remain in the custody of his bodyguards, also, he can not visit any of his family. As Katherine walks in, Norman’s escorted out by the bodyguards. Next, Jim fills her in about Norman also telling her Wyatt’s in jail learning a lesson. However, he’s in safe hands because Wyatt will only come in contact with the officers. The scene ends, with Katherine informing him about D.A. Stallison coming over to question them about the hit and run accident.

Switching back to the jail, Wyatt’s trying to convince the guards he’s not Norman. Starting to cry, Wyatt asks to make a phone call, the guards refuse. Remember the guards are in on the joke, unfortunately, Wyatt’s cellmate Rico isn’t. Next thing you know, Rico makes a move on Wyatt. Wyatt tells Rico, “He’s not who he think he is.” Rico says,

“I believe you, but as of now it’s your turn to take Norman’s place.” He also says, “You’re my new present and I plans to open you up tonight”

Later when the lights go out Rico makes another move on him. Wyatt’s crying and fights with all his might to fend Rico off. Next, he calls out to the guards to help him. Thankfully, a guard tells Rico to keep his hands to himself. After the guard leaves, Rico tells Wyatt,

“In 30 minutes there will be another guard change. Rico says, I will get you then because the night guards won’t save you. In fact, they like to watch!”

The guards switch out, Rico makes another attempt, and Wyatt cries out. Once again, he’s saved by a guard. Wyatt tells the guard Rico’s trying to rape him. The guard tells him, he’s a man fight him off. After the guard walks away, he strikes Wyatt in the face — and says that’s for being a snitch. Guess Jim’s plan seems to be working because Wyatt’s scared shitless.

Meanwhile, Benny and Candace are back at the tow yard. Candace mentions their mother, Hannah’s car. A curious Benny asks Candace how did she know Hannah had a car. Candace comes clean, tells Benny, that the customer who gave him the car was a friend of hers. She says she knew Hannah would not accept the car if it came from her. If you remember a few episodes back, a customer gave him the car because it was a gift from her ex-boyfriend and she no longer wanted it. Just then Veronica walks in looking for the owner of the tow yard. Benny explains to Veronica that the former owner lost the business and he’s the new owner. She asks him if all the cars in the lot also came with the sale of the lot — he replies yes. Thinking that Veronica’s up to something Candace begin to grill Veronica about why she’s there. Veronica explains, she did business with the former owner, tell Benny she will chat with him later and leave.  Sidenote: Will Veronica carelessness lead the police to Jeffrey’s car?

We end tonight’s episode with, Benny alone in the tow yard tampering with the seat belt on the passenger side of his truck. Next, he makes a call to a friend to buy some meth. The scene cuts to Benny bailing Quincy out of jail. While riding home, Benny turns and tells Quincy, that he plans to kill him for everything he has done to his family. At first, Quincy doesn’t seem scared until he realizes Benny’s accelerating at full speed. The two are fighting for control of the steering wheel. Benny loses control of the car, running off the road into an embankment of trees. The car tumbles and tumbles, landing on its side.
How will Veronica retrieve Jeffrey’s car without Candace finding out? Who will survive the car crash? Will Wyatt survive through the night? We like to hear from you so let’s spill some tea because we got the biscuits.

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  1. Rhea McDowell says:

    Author's Added Comments:
    I ask this question. When it comes to black TV shows why do we criticize them for the lack of positive role models or positive characters. Hardly ever do we view a white TV show and say the same thing. We usually view it for what it is. Just entertaining television. Instead of looking to black tv shows for good role models or positive characters, let's look in our homes, communities and ourselves. Why don't we view black tv and all tv for exactly what it is meant to be entertaining.


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