The Stain Season-2, Episode-3 “Fort Defiance”


Tonight’s episode opens with NYPD rolling up on Bolivar, the dickless rock star carrying a huge bag of dirt through the alley. The cops stop him, open the bag to reveal what Bolivar calls “The Master’s resting ground.” Believing Bolivar’s high the cop grabs a handful of dirt — infecting himself with the strain. Bolivar then sends out a summoning shriek to nearby vampires, who attack the officers allowing him to escape.

Over in Brooklyn, Dr. Ephraim, and Dr. Nora comes closer to a vaccine. Later, Zach attempts to leave heading to Queens on a bus to find his mom. But Dr. Ephraim, Fet, and Dutch finds him just in time. Returning to the base, Dutch notices a “missing girl” flyer for the not-just-a-friend she lost at the convenience store last season. All the while, Abraham is experimenting with some vampire goo, that he bottled after taking out a random vampire in town. Ultimately making some sort of liquid that he drops into his eyes. He is later found unconscious on the floor by Nora, who resuscitated him.

Meanwhile in Manhattan at the ancients’ headquarters, Vaun is instructing Gus in the art of hand-to-hand combat with vampires. Which involves grabbing their tongue and pulling it out entirely, killing the vampire. Vaun explains that the training is necessary for an upcoming important mission to kidnap Eldritch Palmer.

Back over at the lab Dr. Ephraim conversation with the Master via Mr. McGeever was quite epic.

“So, the Master can see through all you things huh? Are you watching me now? You took my wife, my son’s mother. I’m gonna take hundreds, thousands of yours. I’m gonna work my way all the way to the top; to you. Hey, my eyes are up here. You planning on sending my vampire wife after my boy? Here’s the deal, Master. I will kill him and then I’ll kill myself before I let you turn us into anything like you.”

Next Reggie Fitzwilliam, the former employee of Eldritch Palmer is entering Staten Island on the empty Staten Island Ferry. The entire island is on an extreme lockdown, making it difficult for him to visit his brother who lives there, but he eventually makes it.

The major of New York City, George Lyle holds an announcement nearby on Staten Island, introducing councilwoman Justine Feraldo. She declares that Staten Island is official “plague-free zone,” and drops the tarp on a disturbing display of multiple, beheaded vampires, tied up to a chain-link fence. She declares, “This is who we are. This is Staten Island.” Feraldo and Lyle make plans to repeat their process city-wide.

Tonight’s episode ends with a scene I didn’t see coming. Honestly, thought Vaun was here to stay and never imagined Palmer had defenses in place in case Eichhorst or the Master turned on him. Anyway, it was terrific watching Gus attempt to save Vaun. Ever the soldier, Vaun understood his time had come. However, it was awful when the floor dropped from underneath their feet and realized Vaun was a gone. Palmer’s a sneaky prick.

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? What was your favorite scene? Are you surprise about the decision to kill Vaun? We want to hear from you so hit the comment button so chat about it. Tune in to watch the horror continue on The Strain, Sunday nights on FX at 9pm, est.

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