RHONY Season-7, Episode-15 “Don’t Be All, Like, Uncool”

images-RHONYFeatureTonight’s episode open with the continuation of Dorinda and Heather argument. The two walk off to chat privately, Ramona joins their discussion taking Dorinda into the bathroom to give her a hug. Heather becomes confrontational towards Ramona. I’m sorry, but I’m not liking Heather, she really has control issues.

It’s morning, Heather wake to make coffee and there’s a naked man sleeping in Bethenny’s empty room. Heather begins freaking out, waking Carole to tell her about the naked man. Heather’s says how dare they allow strange men to stay over, she tells Carole to check her jewelry and their wallets. Heather’s and Carole are really acting ridiculous marching into Ramona and Sonja room. Next they charged into Luann’s room. Yelling about having strange men over and playing loud music.

Waking everyone inside the house, Luann finally comes down in her robe wearing dark shades saying.

“What’s the big deal, we went out, came back with a couple of men to have a good time so whats the big deal?”

Heather crying and says, “It scared me Luann, wouldn’t it scare you?” Luann says “Not really.”

Luann says they aren’t cool. Kristen comes in telling everyone Luann and Ramona were making out with the men on the patio and Luann guy was a married man.
The scene switches to Carole and Bethenny meeting up for tea. Carole brings up Ramona and Luann bringing men back to the villa. Carole says Ramona guy was too drunk to drive and fall asleep in the empty room upstairs. Join by Dorinda, the scene switches to Bethenny confessional she mocks how Dorinda speaks, it’s hilarious. The ladies recount the events of the f-word dinner. Bethenny, bring up Kristen talking to the press and mention attending Kristen charity event but want to use the glue gun to glue her mouth shut.

Heather, Kristen, and Carole meet up to exercise to discuss the other ladies, Kristen talking to the press and that’s enough of their scene. Boring!

Kristen’s hosting a Smile Train Charity, Diamond Decorating Party to help children with cliff lips. The housewives arrive and begin to decorate their jeans. Luann arrives but still pissed from the trip. Ramona arrives wearing a pair of Heather Yummy jeans, but Heather says it’s not an apology. The women continue to bedazzled-jeans. Bethenny and Luann say they can’t be fake and Bethenny unleashes on Kristen. She tells Kristen she doesn’t mean to come off as a pit bull, but she doesn’t need people adding gas to her fire. Next up Luann tells Dorinda she can’t do this anymore, that she’s livid with Heather busting into her room. Luann tells Heather that she’s grown and can have guests over when she’s own vacation. Heather says it was rude blasting music at 3 am, Dorinda says Heather’s over exaggerating the incident was running around the house in a rampant rage. Heather confronts Dorinda accusing her of whining up Luann, but Dorinda tells her no she didn’t and she was wrong for barging into Luann’s room.

Check out the video clip – “Don’t Be All, Like, Uncool”

What are your thoughts on tonight episode? Do you agree Heather and Carole’s over embellished the scene? Tune in next week when Luann shade Carole about dating baby boys and Bethenny visit her therapist. We want to hear from you so hit the comment button to chat about it.

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