RHOA Kandi’s Ski Trip Part-3 “The Finale”

images-rhoakandisskitripOn tonight finale, Momma Joyce continues to accuse Carmon of sleeping with Todd. Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha visit a weed shop with Todd. Once again, Matthew tries to mend bridges with Carmon and Don Juan. Riley and Kaela family game mend broken relationships, ending the 3-part spinoff on a good note. So let’s slide down the final slope into this recap.

The final blow-out over Carmon sleeping with Todd was truly ridiculous. Here’s my best description for this particular scene. Mama Joyce accuses Carmon, Carmon denies as well as Todd, both agree to take a lie detector test. Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha believe Carmon, but Matthew agrees with Momma Joyce.

Moving on, Carmon leaves out to have a private chat with Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha. According to Nora and Bertha, a few years ago, their baby sister Joyce suffered a brain aneurysm, have since been on medication. Both says they worry about her because she’s unhappy and only wants Kandi’s time, but Kandi buys her things instead.

The scene changes to Todd having a normal conversation with his brother. His brother is getting the out of dodge. Afterward, Nora, Bertha, and Todd ride out to visit the weed shop. Nora and Bertha are surprised walking into the dispensary also appeared nausea from the pungent smell. Nonetheless, Todd purchased a few treats to take back to the cabin.

Meanwhile, Kandi spends time with her mom and the girls and Matthew tried to have a conversation with Carmon and Don Juan. Matthew does try to clear the air, Don Juan disposition is nasty, but the three manage to agree to disagree.
Well, it’s the last night in Colorado, Todd has gummy bears, models his feet while Riley and Kaela make s’mores. Later, Todd daughter Kaela created a family game called “Let It Go.” Everyone’s given notecards to write out their disgruntled feelings with other family members. Kaela begins saying she forgives Momma Joyce for comments/insults made towards her father and against her grandmother, she toss the notecard into the fire. Next up is Riley, who says she forgives her mother, Kandi then burns her notecard. Momma Joyce wants to burn the conversation she had with Todd, agrees to let things go with Carmon, also promises to be the best grandmother to both her granddaughters. Todd and Carmon forgive Momma Joyce burning their notecards. Matthews says he wants to help build Todd & Kandi empire also says he’s letting all the problems with Don Juan and Carmon go. The game ended with Kandi promising to do better to reach out to her family.

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