RHONY Season-7 “Party in the Berkshires”

images-RHONYseason7featureTonight episode opens in the Berkshires, it’s time to celebrate Dorinda’s 50th birthday. Ramona and Luann are the first two housewives to arrive. Dorinda’s home is simply gorgeous, and Ramona’s impress. She’s complimenting everything in sight while in the same breath insults Heather’s Berkshire abode. Next Heather, Carole, and Kristen arrives and ready to celebrate. Dorinda shows the women around, allowing them to pick their rooms and everyone pleased with the accommodations.

As the women freshen up, Kristen and Ramona have a brief chat about Dorinda’s boyfriend, John. Ramona brings up Luann throwing her under the bus. She says Dorinda became upset about them discussing John’s behavior. Ramona asked Kristen did she feel uncomfortable dancing with John. Kristen said the dancing was a little much, but her husband was there, so she felt fined and removed herself when it got out of hand. Dorinda walks in the middle of the conversation asking what’s up? Ramona explains she was upset about what Luann did at the caviar dinner. Kristen tells Dorinda she felt John was too touchy-feely with her, and she walked away because of it. Dorinda becomes upset and goes off, saying she didn’t appreciate how Sonja or Kristen was dancing with her boyfriend, also it made her uncomfortable. Dumb Kristen suggests Dorinda make a disclaimer to all the women about Johns behavior. Busy body gossiping azz Heather walked into the room, joining in on the conversation. Dorinda breaks down and says John been there for her, especially following the death of her husband, Richard. Next Ramona admits she misjudged John and needs to give him another chance.
The scene switches to the ladies going out for dinner. Heather, Luann, and Dorinda rides together, and the topic of conversation is about Ramona bringing her business partner to the party. For some reason, everyone’s very interested in Ramona’s love life, especially Heather. During dinner, dumb Kristen brings up Bethenny, Luann interrupts to mention her conversation with Bethenny about trying harder to attend more functions with the ladies. Ramona says Bethenny’s not a girl girls and neither is she very sociable. Next Bravo shows a past clip of Ramona and Bethenny conversation walking across the Brooklyn bridge. In the clip, Ramona tells Bethenny she doesn’t have any friends, plus if she’s not careful she will mess up her relationship with Jason. Luann says Bethenny’s a bitch because her childhood was hard. Sidenote: Somewhat agree her childhood was unfortunate but still privileged. Heather add in her two cents, saying she’s over the poor Bethenny storyline. Heather says everyone’s going through something, and she herself dealing with the loss of her nanny after 9 years. Before you ask, yes, Heather compared her nanny resigning after 9 years of service to Bethenny’s divorce, growing up with a crazy mom, and an abusive stepfather.

On a lighter note, its the next morning, Sonja Morgan has arrived in the Berkshires wearing an outfit that have all the ladies laughing. After breakfast everyone goes shopping and Ramona corners Luann inside Twiggs. Ramona calls Luann out on her bad etiquette at the caviar dinner. Luann admits it was bad timing and Ramona let it go saying she wants to avoid unnecessary drama.

It’s party time, Heather’s help Dorinda with the final preparation. John arrives and Dorinda hopes everyone will be kind to him. The remaining husbands and dates arrives. The scene cut to Dorinda bedroom. Dorinda and John are preparing for the party when Sonja walks in wearing her lingerie. Apparently, Sonja’s forgot to bring a dress for dinner and need to borrow a one. Sidenote: Sonja Morgan is freaking hilarious.

Meantime, Carole goes to visit Luann in her room with her laptop in tow. She decided to google Ramona’s business partner/date, Peter. According to a google website, Peter’s made out with the same chick Mario cheated on Ramona with. Sidenote: To Google Peter was ridiculous and why does Carole care who Ramona’s dating or not dating? Of course, everyone tells everyone except Ramona about Peter just before he walks in. In the mists of it all, Bethenny arrives much to Heather’s dismay. Everyone else excited for Bethenny to be there. Bethenny says hello to everyone and says she brought her daughter, Brynn.
Everyone’s having a good time, drinking and being merry. The liquor is flowing nicely. Dorinda’s announces it’s time to eat and she serving sushi. Bethenny says, she only eats shellfish. Dorinda tries to tell the cook, but Bethenny won’t let her. Heather tries to convince Bethenny to let them get her something else. Bethenny harshly says no which pisses Heather off. Ramona says Heather needs to calm down and not try to mother Bethenny so much. Of course they ask, Ramona’s date how they know each other. Next, Heather announces to Peter that they have googled him. What the hell’s wrong with her? In between Heather talking business with Peter, Bethenny and Sonja are being silly at the other end of the table. Heather tries to joke with Bethenny that she’s going to break her and Sonja up. Bethenny says what the hell you talking about there are twenty other people at the table. Heather’s baffled, tells Bethenny she was joking and she always takes her wrong when she tries to joke with her. Bethenny tells Heather to back off because she doesn’t know her and stop trying to tend to her. In addition, Bethenny says she doesn’t want attention and says if she gets into anything she will be on the floor sobbing. Bethenny starts to cry, and Heather tries to go over and have her walk away from the table for a bit, a tearful Bethenny says no. Heather then gets upset and pissed off. Heather begins to cry.
It’s your party, you cry if you want too, tonight episode ended in tears and it wasn’t the birthday girl during crying. Tune in next as the cry fest continues. What are your thoughts on tonight episode? Hit the comment button to chat about it.


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