Game of Thrones Season-5 “Kill the Boy”

images-GameThronesEpic5Once again, the pace in this episode lead me to believe we are gearing up for something bigger to come. Tonight marks the half-way point in the series. Daenery will make a difficult decision in Meereen. Expect Jon to recruit help from an unexpected ally. Brienne searches for Sansa and Theon remains under Ramsay’s control. So let’s breakdown episode-5 “Kill the Boy.” Never get invited to Daenery house for dinner because you may become the actual course served to the dragons. Last week Meereen was brutally ambushed by the “Son of Harpy” leaving Ser Barrister dead and Greg Worm severely injured. Greg Worm’s near-death experience forces him to come to terms with his feeling for Missandei, and the two share a kiss. Later Daenery invites the heads of Meereen prominent families to her basement to let her dragons scare someone into confusing who planned the attack. The dragons chow down on one of the family leaders before Daenery has a change of heart and stop.

Meanwhile, Missandei subtly advises Daenery to reconsider her decision about the slave fighting pits. Instead of trying to coax confession through intimidation, Daenery does as advised. She tells Meereen nobleman Hizdahr zo Loraq that she’ll reopen pits, but only for free men. Daenery also declares she will marry Hizdahr as a token of earnestness.
Tonight, the newly appointed Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon meets with Tormund Giantsbane. Tormund Giantsbane is the wildling leader who’s still in captivity after last season’s “Battle of Castle Black.” Jon asks Tormund to gather the remaining Free Folk, bring them to Castle Black to team up with the Night’s Watch against the arrival of the White Walkers. Neither Jon or Tormund want to partner with each because they’re sworn enemies, but neither can fight the White Walkers alone. Reluctantly, Tormund agrees, on the condition he’s provided with Stannis Baratheon’s ships, plus Jon must come with him on the journey. As the scene closes Jon ponders over his decision teaming up with the wildlings but remembers Maester Aemon conversation, “Kill the Boy” and let the man be born.  SIDENOTE: Though Stannis agreed to lend Jon his fleet of ships for the wildling extraction mission. Stannis doesn’t have any intention of sticking around Castle Black. With the enemy approaching, before he leaves, Stannis consults with Samwell Tarly on how to kill the White Walkers with obsidian. Mark my words Stannis has his eye on Winterfell.
Finally, Sansa’s on familiar grounds. Arriving at Ramsay’s for dinner she’s approached by a servant who whispers, “You still have friends in the North,” tells Sansa that if she ever needs help, all she has to do is light a candle at the top of Winterfell’s broken tower. Ramsay’s current lover, Miranda becomes upset about Ramsay and Sansa’s upcoming marriage. Out of anger, Miranda takes upon herself to educate Sansa on what kind of man she’s marrying. It’s the first time Sansa has seen traitorous Theon (now Reek). Theon’s quick to confess the encounter to Ramsay, who then makes a point of parading the servile Reek in front of Sansa as much as possible. Time for father-son bonding, after dinner Roose revealed to Ramsay the story of his conception, in which Roose raped Ramsay’s mother under the swinging corpse of her hanging husband. The conversation was repulsive, but Ramsay understands without becoming angry. Why, because he’s a sick bastard too?
Moving on to the ruins of Valyria, the former capital home to the Targaryens. On the way to deliver Tyrion to Daenery, Jorah chooses to sail through the ruins of Valyria. Tyrion and Jorah start discussing the fallen city history, becoming distracted by the sight of Drogon flying overhead. Transfixed on Drogon a greyscale Stone Men jumped into the boat attacking them. Jorah and Tyrion survive the attack, but not unscathed. The final shot of the episode shows Jorah looking out over Valyria with a patch of greyscale on his wrist. Jorah’s a ticking time bomb, doesn’t have the means to undergo magic like Shireen. Does this mean Jorah’s will die or doomed to become a Stone Men savage? What are your thoughts on episode-5, “Kill the Boy?” Hit the comment bottom to chat about it.


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