RHONY Season 7 “Mind Your On Business”

images-rhonyBethSonjaTonight’s open with Bethenny and Sonja meeting up for lunch. Apparently, Bethenny’s serious about taking Sonja under her wing. Shortly after arriving Sonja started talking delusional about her business ventures. Bethenny suggests staying focus on one product. As Sonja rambles on she invites Bethenny to the showroom to meet the business team helping to launch her fashion line. Need I say Bethenny’s in for a shocker. Sonja’s team assures Bethenny they have the top sales people in the industry, but can’t divulge any names. Plus, they owned 160 square foot of warehousing and distribution space. Bethenny leaves the meeting without knowing what these people do or who they are selling to. Poor Sonja probably doesn’t know either but paying all the expenses to a pseudo business team. Bethenny says it best, that scene felt like an acid trip.
LuAnn and Dorinda go to the salon for pedicures. Luann tells Dorinda about John hanging out in clubs without her. Dorinda’s says when her husband died she became valuable. Dorinda also brings up her lunch with Bethenny and says that Bethenny is harsh.

Ramona visit with Sonja. They plan a trip to Atlantic City to celebrate Ramona Birthday. Sonja hesitates about inviting the other girls because they’re mean to her. Ramona says this will be the first time celebrating her birthday without her husband, Mario and begin to cry.

Back at Dorinda’s home, she’s planning a social for the ladies to meet John. Ramona the first to arrive at the party. In her talking head, Ramona says John’s only latching on for the connections.
Luann and Heather are both pounding Sonja for not inviting them to her fashion showcase meeting. Heather and Luann are relentless wanting details why Bethenny received an invite. Their behavior doesn’t seem amicable toward Sonja. Carole and LuAnn finally sit down to chat about Adam. LuAnn knows and isn’t thrill about the situation. LuAnn says Carole knows her niece dated Adam years ago. Heather tells Kristen and Josh what a bitch Bethenny was during lunch. Last week Heather made sure to tell Kristen she wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s birthday party. This week at Dorinda’s party, she made sure to tell Kristen after she scolded Bethenny, Bethenny called her Carole’s plus one. In all honesty, Bethenny seems really nice with a quick sharp personality. Unfortunately, Heather doesn’t think so. It appears Heather’s became accustom being the only housewife who often speaks her mind. Heather, the tough street chic doesn’t scare Bethenny.
Ramona’s mad because Sonja’s ignoring her. Sonja and Ramona are both drunk, argue about whose ignoring who. The next minute they make up. Sonja and Kristen dances, hugging all over John, Dorinda’s boyfriend. Everyone’s enjoying themselves! Another great episode, tune in next Tuesday to watch the housewives of New York on Bravo at 9pm est.
Do you think Bethenny was assisting Sonja mental heath? Should LuAnn get over her chef dating Carole? What are your thoughts on Heather this season?

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