Preachers of Detroit: Season-1, Episode-8 ‘Politics as Usual-Bishop Corletta Snub Pastor Bullock’

image-PreachersBullock&VaughnMeetInvestorIn this episode, the Shelby family comes to the rescue of a homeless mother in need. Meanwhile, Bishop Corletta Vaughn and Pastor David Bullock bump heads after she decides not to support Pastor Bullock political agenda. And Dorinda’s forced to face the demons of her past.

So jumping right into tonight’s episode: Since the airing of episode one, Pastor Bullock started burning his bridges with fellow co-stars. Now have found himself in need of their support. Tonight, Pastor Bullock’s forced to realize his offensive actions and comments has come back to haunt him. Yes, he’s dedicated to his church, to his political cause and to the people of Detroit. But his narcissistic behavior and criticism of Bishop Langston and others will leave him fighting along. When in reality, he truly needs their support and their following.images-PreacCorletta2Use After confronting Bishop Corletta about backing out on their agreement, he allowed his emotions to lead his actions. Stomping out of the sanctuary after announcing to her members she lied about supporting his political agenda. There is a time and a place for everything. The conversation should-be-in private but accusing Bishop Corletta of lying without giving her a chance to explain is wrong. Maybe Bishop Corletta has her own agenda, maybe she lied because she needed his support to make herself shine down at Town Hall or maybe she doesn’t agree with his political campaign. But she wasn’t allowed to give an explanation. My advice to Pastor Bullock, learn to express yourself better, stop judging and recognize that ministers are people too. Most importantly, people will usually forgive but most never forget!

Do you believe Bishop Corletta Vaughn lied and used Pastor Bullock for her own personal gain? Do you feel Pastor Bullock behavior was wrong? Tune-in and watch with me next Friday, on Oxygen at 8 pm EST…

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2 Responses

  1. Harry Williams says:

    Did the Bishop lie to Reverend Bullock? In a single 24 minute episode, they replayed the interaction where the Bishop promises Reverend Bullock that she will make the introduction that evening three times. Three times. The creator of the show is trying to make something plain to the viewer. The Bishop clearly did not keep her word.

    • CHARMA LAZENBY says:

      Harry Williams, you are correct...Bishop Vaughn did snob Pastor Bullock...Why? No one can answer at the moment. Maybe tomorrow everyone will discover the answer.


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