[hr]The season finale open with Morgan Jones (first survivor that Rick encountered). Morgan has experienced mental deterioration after losing his son Duane. Morgan is on a quest to find Rick after finding proof of his survival. In his quest to Alexandria, Morgan is met by unwelcome quests with a “W” branded on his forehead. The unwelcome guests explain what we all wanted to know. What does the “W” stand for? The two explained to Morgan that the earlier Settlers use the “W” to mark their territory and possessions. Next they informs Morgan that now he is their property. They attack and try to capture Morgan. But Morgan defeat them, putting both inside of a car, and blow the horn leaving them as bait for the walkers.


The scene move to Rick being awaken by Michonne (a constable). Michonne is assigned to keep watch with Rick at his home under the orders of Deanna (Leader of Alexandria). As Michonne leave out, Rick discuss with Glen, Carol and Abraham his decision to take over Alexandria. Meanwhile, Maggie goes to Deanna and other residences to plead Rick’s case. Afterwards, Rick is released back into population where he find Carl and explain his plans to take over Alexandria.


Daryl and Aaron went to gather food and extra supplies to store for their take over. When they are ambushed by walkers after opening the doors to the food truck. Rick believe the ambushed was a trap. In order to escape and survive the group take refuge in an abandoned car. Surrounded by walkers. The group decide to make a run for and luckily help shows up, Morgan. In appreciate, Aaron offers Morgan a safe haven in Alexandria. Morgan declines the offer and inform them of his on mission. Morgan show Daryl a map. Now Daryl realize who Morgan is and that he’s a friend to Rick.


Father Gabriel appears to be on a suicide mission but rope the walker and take him down. Glen is on pursuit tracking Nicholas. Glen is shot and fall unconscious. After regaining consciousness, Glen find Nicholas to bring him back to Alexandria to allow the people decide his fate.

Later Rick finally tell Michonne his plans to take over and she tells Rick she will stand by his side. Meanwhile, Rick discover Alexandria gates were compromised. A town meeting is underway discussing if should be Rick exile from Alexandria. Rick take out in search to find the threat to city.

Sasha is looking for spiritual redemption. Unfortunately, her encounter with Father Gabriel proves less cleansing. Father Gabriel goes into a rant admonishing Sasha and others in Rick’s group for wrong doings. A fight breaks out between the two and Maggie stop Sasha from shooting Father Gabriel.


Finally, Rick return to Alexandria with a walker. Once again Rick explain his case and ideals for changes in the city of Alexandria. Rick does not tell them of the two men back at the truck yard. The audience left to believe the two men are responsible for killing and housing the walkers in empty trailers as traps.

Pete enter the town hall meeting demanding that Rick be exile. Deanna’s husband tries to stop Pete. But Pete accidentally kill him by slashing his throat. At this moment whaling Deanna realizes change must come. Order Rick to execute Pete. The season ends with Michonne taking her sword out signifies, Alexandria will now be governed under Rick’s rules of survival instead of Deanna’s. The graffiti wolverines written across the car will remain the mystery cliffhanger that might be revealed next season.

The season finale ends leaving new threats to Rick and the residences of Alexandria. What are your thoughts on the finale? How long will the safe haven of Alexandria last? Who are the two men housing walkers? Are the two men responsible for the food shortage? Does the “W” really mean wolverines?


Do the two men plan to take over Alexandria? Can father Gabriel and Nicholas be trusted?

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